Edge Appeal offers a durable product to add beauty and definition to your yard. Edge Appeal is custom made on your lawn to fit the curves of your landscape. Since it is made of cement it is strong and durable. It is a root barrier between your yard and landscape. It helps eliminate grass from creeping into your mulch and rocks making your landscape easier to maintain. YOU NEVER NEED TO EDGE AGAIN! Not only does Edge Appeal add beauty to your landscape, it also saves you hours of edging each year. CALL TODAY for a FREE estimate from one of our professionals...


  • Residential landscape
  • Pools (Outside perimeter)
  • Flower beds
  • Tree Circles
  • Landscape islands
  • Playgrounds
  • Gazebos
  • Heart shaped memorials

    ...And more!

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What is the purpose of Edge Appeal?

  • To better define your landscape.
    Edge Appeal defines your landscape from your yard.
  • Keeps grass and material from getting into your landscape.
    Grass is a constant battle. Edge Appeal provides a permanent border between your grass and landscape. It keeps material from washing into your yard.
  • To save you money, time, and yard space.
    Whether you pay a landscape company to edge for you, or you choose to do the edging yourself, landscape requires maintenance. Every time you edge your landscape you lose 3 or more inches of yard space. With Edge Appeal you never need to edge again!


The Process:

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  • How long does it take to finish a job?
    Most jobs are completed in 1 day.
  • How long has Edge Appeal been in business?
    Since 2001.
  • Will there be heavy equipment on my yard?
    No trucks or trailers will be on your lawn. The heaviest piece of equipment
    is less than 300 lbs.
  • How deep do you dig?
    A 2" deep by 12" wide trench will be created where the curbing will be placed.
  • How long does it take for my curbing to cure?
    It takes 28 days to fully cure
  • Are you registered as a Pennsylvania Home Improvement contractor?
    Yes, we are. Edge Appeal, Inc. registration number is: PA030552.
  • How can I receive an estimate?
    You can contact Edge Appeal, Inc. anytime at: 724-382-4436. Estimates
    are FREE.
  • Are any steps taken to reinforce the concrete?
    Yes. A reinforcing fiber is added to the concrete mix to strengthen the concrete.
  • Do you remove tree roots?
    Yes, but not excessive amounts. Proper steps must be taken by the home owner to remove roots 2" and larger.
  • Can you make tree circles where surface roots are present?
    Roots cannot excede 2 1/2 feet from the base of the tree. Please feel the base of the tree with your hands or feet to determine if surface roots are present.
  • Will the color of my curbing fade?
    As with anything exposed to the sunlight over time, fading is possible. We do not warranty fading or color variations. However, we do our best to ensure a quality product and take the steps necessary to minimize fading.
  • Does your product have a warranty?
    Yes. A warranty is disclosed on the back of your contract.
  • Does your product require maintenance?
    Concrete sealant is applied to the finished product. Sealant wears off over time. It is the customers responsibility to re-apply sealant as they feel necessary.
  • Can Edge Appeal create an island?
    Yes. Be aware that price quotes given during estimates WILL change when dealing with a custom layout. Custom designs will be measured for the EXACT footage upon completion and billed accordingly.



Customer Responsibilities:

  • Clearly mark sprinkler heads, dog fences, cables, fiber optics, electrical lines, and all other underground utilities several days before your job is scheduled. Edge Appeal, Inc. is not liable for any damage to underground utilities. Pa1call
  • Customer is responsible for the removal of large roots or an excessive number of roots. When removing roots (especially large roots) there is always a risk of damage to trees or shrubbery.
  • Customer must be present for the entire job.
  • Customer must approve the final layout before we proceed to lay the curbing. (The crew will clearly mark where curbing will be placed.)
  • Payment must be received upon completion of the job.
  • It is your responsibility to add any rock or mulch to the inside of the border.
  • After we remove the sod, any remaining grass or weeds present behind the border are to be removed by the customer.






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